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Climat & transition

Redesigning of three units of neurology in CHU (University Hospital) in Strasbourg. Project in collaboration with Marie Coirié and Aurélie Eckenschwiller.


Climat & Transition hinges on the relationship between the spaces of the hospital and the external environment, the support of wandering, and finally the rhythm and temporality specific to services. Our interventions focus on the painting, signage, lighting and furniture.


The object of study in neurology – the brain – is an organ probably more enigmatic than any other. It is the place of connection between the psychic and the physical. Moreover it is the seat of emotions, dreams, the unconscious and the imaginary. How can this latter– invisible to the hospital – be embodied in the hospital’s units ? How can we restore a balance between sensible dimensions and technical devices ? Each unit treats a neurological disease with a different carefully adapted plan. How can we translate the identity of each of these three units ?

climat et transition3


The starting point was to understand the characterisctics of these three units, in order to find a balance between the logistical and the human needs. The care and attention payed to every detail of our design is a way to respect those who live and pratice in these units – both patients and medical staff.

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Photo credits : Marie Prunier, Marie Coirié, Isabelle Daëron.



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