De Source Sûre
Highlight the course of Saint-Galmier water

In Saint-Galmier, carbonated water is a leading resource for the city’s economic activity. It represents the image of the company Badoit, and lies at the heart of its industrial development. As part of Biennale Off Internationale design Saint-Etienne, De source sûre explores the relationship between work, the water harvesting cycle and environmental preservation in the territory of Saint-Galmier through three endeavors: a mediation device, an exposition, and a workshop.



1. An installation invites passerbys to pump water into a repository. The dispositif gives an overview of the process of water harvesting in Saint-Galmier, starting from its collection and mineralization as the water filters through granite aquifers, and ending when it is bottled at the source.





2. This exposition focuses on the five professions that intervene in the water harvesting process highlighting the role of a hydrogeologist, a parks maintenance worker, an environmental engineer, and a biologist. Their interviews present and clarify the issues in preserving resources as well as their expertise in pesticides, soil sealing, and nature conservation.



3. A workshop was organized with the parks maintenance workers of the city of Saint-Galmier. The aim was to develop a didactic method that demonstrates how their work practices have changed with the passing of the legislation 0 phyto.



De source sûre is a project carried out as part of the OFF exhibition in the Biennale Internationale design Saint-Etienne, in collaboration with the Saint-Galmier Municipality, the city officials, Corinne Boichon, the City Councillor of Cultural Affairs, and the enterprise of Badoit.
Team: Charlotte Baverel, Elizabeth Hong, Rémi Legros, Renaud France, Kevin Lucas.
Thanks to Corinne Boichon, Olivier Peyricot, Eric Carenco and all the city agents of Saint-Galmier who were involved in the project.


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