EN-Le vent tourne


Le vent tourne !
Sentry boxes for the design festival Ddays

Le vent tourne ! gathers four sentry boxes designed from windmills and placed in four locations of the design festival in Paris. Each structure displays leaflets and maps. Inside, a picture refers to an exhibition that deals with energy in the city. A window overlooking a field, plankton, a recycling center or a river, these views evoke the cultivation of flax (Ultra lin expo), the light produced by living organisms (Theresa Von dongen), the reuse of electronic components (Nbt studio) and the source of undrinkable water in Paris (Chantepleure-sur-Seine).

These sentry boxes have been made from reused materials (Réserve des Arts).




Équipe de réalisation : Pauline Avrillon, Louise Raguet, Christophe Rovelli.
Merci à la Réserve des Arts.
Crédits photographiques : Fabien Breuil.



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