A project for France Alzheimer
et maladies apparentées

Memorama is a project designed for the 30th anniversary of the french NGO France Alzheimer.
It gathers four objects (a causeuse, a viewer-window, a vanity and a library) that tell about the various actions of the association. All these objects highlight a single commitment: the one dedicated to support patients and their caregivers, to change perceptions of the disease, to advance the cause Alzheimer’s.

Curator: Nawal Bakouri





The causeuse Memorama invites dialogue.
It represents listening and support for patients and their caregivers,
one of the foundations of the work of France Alzheimer’s associations.


Through the tiles of the window, six actions labellized by the Association France Alzheimer’s
and related diseases:training for caregivers®, relays halts®, usability actions, memory cafes®, holiday-stays® and discussion groups®.


The brilliant brain Memorama. An object that presents two complementary visions
of a damaged brain: one medical, the other, sensitive and singular, always there despite the evolution of symptoms.


On one side, the door-library presents a map of the 92 departmental associations. On the other, it gathers a collection of books published by the association. Re-published in the form of facsimile and trimmed an illustration specially designed for the occasion, these books highlight continued support to scientific research and its dissemination to a wide audience.


Thanks to Mr., met at Domaine de Chamarande, for this photograph taken by Eric Garault.


Association France Alzheimer et maladies apparentées
Thanks to Elsa Parlange, Brigitte Huon, Sandrine Nowak for their accompaniment and commitment.
Prototype concept, Monde 3D, Jean-André Berhault, Atmosphère Création.
Eric Garault
Site for shooting
Domaine de Chamarande – Conseil départemental de l’Essonne.



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