EN-Memories of a tennis ball on the fly


Memories of a tennis ball on the fly

14 million tennis balls are used every year, of which 10% is reintroduced into a recycling process through the operation “yellow ball” (French Federation of tennis). The tennis ball is composed of an elastomer (EPDM) and a felt made of recycled textiles. The elastomer is transformed into flooring but the felt has no application today, it is discarded. Memories of a tennis ball on the fly aims to reveal the potential of this material, by embodying new uses in some expressive objects.


Project designed for the exhibition « Secondes Vies, métamorphoses du matériel sportif » (Second life, Metamorphosis of sport devices) organized by the French Ministery of Culture and Communication and the French Ministery of the City, the Youth and Sports.
Curator : Alexandrine Dhainaut
Interns : Camille Drozdz and Camille Jégo



Haunted by Mr. Hulot match and lost ball-bounces in the film Mr. Hulot’s holidays by Jacques Tati, Memories of a tennis ball on the fly aims to translate the acoustic and physical qualities of the tennis ball felt through three objects: a sound window, a soft seat and a carpet-container.





Thank you to Viviane Fraisse (Fédération Française de Tennis), Rosemonde Maillet and Emilie Valbousquet (Babolat),
l’entreprise ARFP and Xavier Bonsergent.
Photo credits: Marie-Sarah Adenis and Isabelle Daëron


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