A bench that tells stories

Designed for the public library L’Autre Lieu in
Le Rheu (Bretagne, France), Bibliophonies is a sound bench. During the day, it diffuses music and read texts. During the night, Bibliophonies becomes a public lighting and a signal of the building.

Art public order on the construction of the public library L’Autre Lieu in the city of Le Rheu (35).



The new building is located near a retirement home, a community center, a youth center, the town hall and shops. Therefore the project had to be an invitation to enter the building, it had also to be part of an itinerary connecting these meeting points.



The bench is connected to a database, located inside the library and updated regularly by the staff. By pressing a button, passers trigger the sound diffusion. In the medium term Bibliophonies will be fed by audio contents made by city associations and students of the intercommunal music school.



Team: Prototype concept, Acier Design Creation, Ardamez, BFP Cindar, Frédéric Mauclère.
Thanks to Xavier Bonsergent, Jérôme Deschamps, Lison Lissilour and the library’s staff, Mme Danielle Breton, Camille Drozdz and th City of Le Rheu.

Photo credits : Philippe Henry – Isabelle Daëron.


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