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Topique-eau des Cimes

Jardin des Cimes is a 2,5 hectares garden open to the public located to Sallanches in Haute-Savoie (French Alpes). Though a scenographic journey, it is a tool for understanding mountain’s flora and fauna. This garden on the mountain slopes presented a real interest for taking advantage of the topography.

Topique-eau des Cimes is a local rainwater network that enables irrigating a vegetable garden. Taking account of the steepy sloping of the ground and an introduction to the landscape, the project ad- dresses in four stages a use of rainwater, from harvesting to its distribution.


Project in residency at Jardin des Cimes (Haute-Savoie)
in collaboration with Champ des Cimes, company.
Curator : Chloé Heyraud.
Intern : Fleur Moreau

topique-eau des cimes1

First part is a rainwater harvester made of textile and fiberglass structure.
It harvests about 500 liters a month. Then a ceramic part placed under the collector
receives and distributes water into the network.

topique-eau des cimes2

topique-eau des cimes3

Third part is a pipe wich is used to store and route the water. This pipe is connected to
three different ceramic pieces designed for 3 specific irrigation modes
(watering, diffusion and pool).


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