EN-Residency Helsinki

dessin residenceHelsinki

Residency Helsinki

The purpose of this residence was to develop the Topique-sky through a phase of observation, encounters and dialogue with on-site professionals and the Design Forum Helsinki team. I dedicated these two weeks to gaining a better understanding of Finnish design, both in terms of its history and its contemporary works.

During my stay, my work developed around a wall of research – a tool I use regularly. It consists of A4 sized pages that gradually come together as I collect photos, details on architecture, diagrams and texts. The wall represents my geographic and conceptual approach during this time of immer- sion and contemplation.


Residency supported by Lille design.



Project’s territory Topique-sky, 2,50 x 1,30m.


Helsinki waters, the pool, photomontage.


Helsinki waters, after the rain, photomontage.


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