EN-Monsieur Tas


Mr. Pile
Installation designed with Gaëtan Robillard

Mr. Pile translates the soil’s energy potential and bacterial development. Inspired from the principle of microbial fuel cell, this installation is made up soil and nutrients (leaves, straw, branches), six soil batteries, a sound diffuser made of oak and a stainless stell funnel. Fed by the energy from the soil, the cone reveals sound activity of organic cells and enables Mr. Pile to talk.

monsieur tas1

monsieur tas2

monsieur tas3

monsieur tas4

Thanks to : Sylvie Pouteau, Daniela Perrotti, Paul Robillard and his artists friends : Guillaume Clément, Antoine Cartier, Clément Pelletier, Frédéric Mauclère, Julien Ladroue, Alexandra Devaux, Norent Saray-Delabar, Claire Aubadie-Ladrix, Lorraine Verner, Catherine Schvartz, Cécile Morin.


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