Thesis at l’Ensci-Les Ateliers under the direction of Marie-Haude Caraës.

A tool to create a utopia exists that strives to bridge the gap between here and elsewhere, to shape the inhabitable space. First and foremost, making a place inhabitable is about ensuring humane living conditions that correspond to biological criteria, but it’s also about modelling it to an ideal. Habitability is that technical arsenal that reduces the distance between utopia and the space to be inhabited. It is a notion that developed from the 19th century onwards by borrowing the meanings of successive words that take its root: inhabit, inhabitant, habitat, habitation, habitable. It became used in fields as varied as astronomy, urban planning, architecture, aeronautics, automobiles and even ecology. The study of habitability describes a constant journey between a near land and a far land, the prerequisite for which is technical mediation.


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habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-8

habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-12

habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-16

habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-25

habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-38

habitabilité-mémoire isabelle daëron planches-45


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