dessin deci-dela


The wandering is, in the frame of the Alzheimer disease, defined as an unconscious and unstructured wandering. However, it is one of the most frequent and necessary activity which takes part in the physical and physiological stability of the person. Deci-Delà is a watch that supplies information enabling people in the early or middle phases of Alzheimer’s to position themselves in space and time. Two interfaces are combined on the dial : a representation of the times of the day marked by meals for when the person is at home, and a simplified GPS for when they go out.

Project in collaboration with Marie Coirié and Aurélie Eckenschwiller and Gaëtan Mazaloubeaud.

deci dela1

deci dela2

When the user is at home, the watch is on simplified mode and presents a dial calibrated in 24 hours divided in four different color areas in order to sequence the morning, the afternoon, the evening and the night.

deci dela3

When the person walks out of home, the watch leaves its support. It slowly slides into the hand and goes on sim- plified compass mode (the arrow indicates the direction of the house).

deci dela4



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